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Limited special - mont blanc cheese purin set

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We're constantly requested to incorporate chestnuts into our creations, as our chestnut cheesecake remains one of our most beloved seasonal specials. This Autumn, we've come up with something a little bit different, something even better.

Elevate your dessert experience with our Mont Blanc Original Cream Cheese Purin. 

This exquisite creation combines the rich, velvety texture of our signature cream cheese purin with the elegant, chestnut-infused delight of Mont Blanc. At its heart lies a luscious chestnut puree, carefully crafted by skilled chefs who devote hours to delicately transforming the chestnuts into a velvety paste, all by hands.

With each luxurious bite, the Mont Blanc dessert offers a symphony of autumnal richness, an ode to the artistry and dedication of its creators. Treat yourself to a dessert that transcends the ordinary and redefines luxury.

sets including

2 x 15cenchi og cheese purin

2 x mont blanc cheese purin

limited for 10 sets every week!

-- Mont Blanc and Japan -- 

In Japan, the Mont Blanc has transcended its European origins to become a beloved and iconic autumn dessert, cherished for its exquisite taste and seasonal symbolism. Its popularity in Japan is a testament to the country's penchant for embracing and refining international culinary traditions.

The Mont Blanc's journey to culinary stardom in Japan began with its introduction by European pastry chefs in the late 19th century. Initially embraced by the elite, its popularity gradually spread, capturing the imaginations of Japanese confectioners who were captivated by its elegance and potential for adaptation.

What truly sets the Mont Blanc apart as an autumn delicacy in Japan is its seamless integration with traditional Japanese flavors and aesthetics. Japanese chefs have ingeniously incorporated local ingredients and techniques into the dessert, creating unique variations that pay homage to both its European heritage and the vibrant autumnal palette of Japan.

The Mont Blanc's association with autumn resonates deeply with Japanese culture, which reveres the changing seasons as a reflection of life's transience and beauty. As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold, the Mont Blanc emerges as a symbol of seasonal abundance and celebration.

100% Gluten Free

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