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15cenchi Cheesecake 15cenchi Cheesecake

Seasonal special

cookies & cream basque cheesecake

As a dessert shop, we're always striving to create unique, intriguing, and exquisitely designed treats for our seasonal specials. But this time, we're embracing the bold and classic flavors that will sure to comfort you this winter. If you've tried our original basque cheesecake, you'll know this flavor will be as delicious as you can imagine. And trust us, we've tried it. It's aaaahmazing! Indulge in the timeless delight of our Cookies and Cream Basque Cheesecake, a classic that promises simple yet profound satisfaction. With its beautifully caramelized crust and creamy, velvety center, this cheesecake brings together the nostalgic flavors of cookies and cream in a sophisticated, melt-in-your-mouth experience. Sometimes, the best pleasures are the ones that bring us back to basics. For once, let go of the chase for the extravagant and savor the perfect harmony of familiar tastes.

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