South Head
Flavour Notes: Cocoa, Nutty, Strawberry MilkRoast Degree: Medium-DarkCoffee: Guatemala Huehuetenango Washed, Brazil Rio Grande Pulped Natural, Ethiopia Alaka Natural Sweetness 8/10 - Brown SugarAcidity 5/10 - Mild Strawberry, low intensity Body 8/10 - Rich, ThickBalance 7/10 -Smooth, sweet finish
15cenchi premium japanese tea set - 6 flavours
It is our pleasure to present this tea collection to all the green tea lovers out there! Good cheesecake needs good tea, yes? :) You will not be disappointed by our tea collection!  Don't forget to choose your cheesecake! Our selected Japanese Tea collection includes: ...
white peach oolong tea bag (2.5g x 2pcs)
Japanese White Peach blended with Taiwan Oolong tea Aromatic, fruity and refreshing. Both hot and cold brew! Or even enjoy it as a milk tea! White Peach Oolong Tea Bag (2.5g x 2pcs) Origin This premium tea is from a family...
kyoho grape sencha tea bag (4g x 2pcs)
Japanese grape "Kyoho" sencha teabags Refreshing Japanese summer grape ("Kyoho") aroma infused with our Shizuoka sencha. All of our tea bags are double the standard weight which means you can refill the pot! Can be cold or hot brewed. Recommend...
genmai green tea bag (4g x 2pcs)
Genmai-cha Tea Bags (4g x 2pcs) Genmai means roasted brown rice which is blended with our Shizuoka Sencha. Refreshing, popcorn like aroma and flavour. We have doubled the standard tea bags to make the flavour, aroma and colour stronger and enables...
strawberry hōjicha roasted green tea (3g x 2pcs)
Strawberry Hoji-Cha Roasted Green Tea (3g x 2pcs) Roasted Japanese green tea infused with strawberry. Enjoy the decaf after dinner tea with the aroma of fresh strawberries. All of our tea bags are double the standard weight so you can...
hōjicha roasted green tea bag (3g x 2pcs)
Hojicha Tea Bags (3g x 2pcs) Hojicha is Japanese roasted green tea harvested in autumn. It is high roasted to 180c and almost decaf. Traditionally an after dinner tea, enjoy the roasted nutty, caramelised aroma. These nylon tea bags can...
shizuoka sencha green tea bag (4g x 2pcs)
Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bags (4g x 2pcs) We have doubled the standard 2g tea bags to make the flavour, aroma and colour stronger and enables you to refill! Shizuoka is our hometown famous for Japanese green tea. These nylon tea...
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