single origin "yame" matcha basque
experience the delectable textures of our 15cm cheesecake, infused with the exquisite flavor of umami-rich matcha green tea. We have sourced a "single-origin" matcha from Yame, located in the historic tea-producing region of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Yame matcha, renowned for...
from $50.00
hōjicha milk tea basque cheesecake
hōjicha is a beloved traditional Japanese tea renowned for its distinctive roasted aroma that brings a moment of peace and relaxation into the everyday lives of the Japanese. It re-energize our soul and help us appreciate the simple things in...
from $50.00
french earl grey basque cheesecake
introducing our original creation, the French Earl Grey Cheesecake. This decadent dessert boasts an exquisite blend of organic Ceylon tea and bergamot oil, delicately infused with apricot, mango, cornflowers, and rose flowers. Savour the elegant flavor and fragrance of this...
from $50.00
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