15cenchi original japanese style basque cheesecake
this cake is the cornerstone of our 15cenchi brand and our most beloved product. the idea for this cheesecake originated from our desire to elevate the already-delicious taste of Japanese cheesecake by incorporating the richness of Basque-style cheesecakes. This heavenly...
from $48.00
japanese Yuzu Basque Cheesecake
you asked, we listened - we are thrilled to announce that the beloved Japanese yuzu has officially been added to our menu! With its refreshing scent, this unique fruit is reminiscent of a cool summer breeze, providing a replenishing and...
Ganache Choc mochi Basque Cheesecake
Indulge in the ultimate fusion of flavors with our Ganache Choc Mochi Basque Cheesecake. Inspired by the Japanese delicacy known as "nama choc," our cheesecake takes this experience to new heights. Layers of silky ganache, reminiscent of the decadent "nama...
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